10 x Top tips on how to get the Perfect Baby Handprint

10 x Top tips on how to get the Perfect Baby Handprint

10 x Top tips on how to get the Perfect Baby Handprint

1. HAVE A HELPER - Great idea to have someone there to help. To either hold the baby or to pass the print, wet wipes etc when needed. Team work makes the dream work. 

2. WAIT TIL BABY IS ASLEEP - This is my top tip and this was literally the only way i could get a great print from my kids. Wait until they are in a nice deep sleep ... or you can also try just after they have had a big feed and are super calm/ relaxed. 

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3. MASSAGE BABY’S HAND - Baby handprints can be difficult to get as they will often clench the fist. A few minutes spent massaging the palm and relaxing the hand can really help.  A gentle squeeze of the knuckles can help draw out the fingers enough for you to get the hand onto the page.

4. DO A TEST RUN - Practice getting baby’s hand flat a few times first. You can’t do this enough! Spend lots of time with your helpers working out the best position for everyone to be in and keep pressing that hand flat on a clipboard or book.

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LOVE PRINT: https://printitoff.com/products/love-handprint-footprint-art-craft-54946

REEL COOL GRANDPA: https://printitoff.com/products/youre-a-reel-cool-grandpa-fish-hand-35027

5. HAVE PRINT ON A CLIPBOARD - Having the print on a clipboard is great especially if baby is asleep in their cot. It keeps the print flat and it's a nice flat hard surface. You could also tape print to a table or book if you don’t have a clipboard.

6. MAKE A FEW COPIES - Print out a few copies. We all get better with practice so try a few times. Then once dry you can pick the best one. 

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FLOWER JAR VALENTINES: https://printitoff.com/products/handprint-flower-jar-happy-valentines-34280

7. HAVE WET WIPES READY - Be organised. Have an old towel, water and wet wipes nearby. Or complete prints just before baby's bath. 

 8. APPLY A NICE EVEN COAT - Make sure you apply a nice thick wet even coat of paint. I've found the best way is to brush paint directly onto the hand with a paint brush. Ink pads are also a great idea and not quite as messy.

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WE LOVE YOU DADDY TREE PRINT: https://printitoff.com/products/no-matter-how-tall-we-grow-tree-23714

9. ALTERNATIVE TO PAINT/ INK - If you are finding paint/ink a bit tricky or messy another option is to trace around the baby's hand onto some card then cut this out. This can then be stuck onto a print. A great alternative to remembering the size of baby’s hand. 

10. DON’T GIVE UP! If things aren’t working out or if baby (or you) are starting to get stressed, stop and try another time. Baby prints can be tricky. Also understand that the final prints don’t have to be 100% perfect and getting any type of print of baby’s hand will be a treasure to hold onto forever. You will be grateful in years to come that you gave it a go.

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MY DAD ROCKS PRINT: https://printitoff.com/products/handprint-art-craft-my-dad-rocks-74643

DADDY'S PRINCESS PRINT: https://printitoff.com/products/daddys-princess-dress-hand-handprint-73263

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