FREE Father's Day Handprint Art

FREE Father's Day Handprint Art

Looking for a FREE Father’s Day Handprint Printable? 
Melt Daddy’s Heart with this FREE Handprint Art from PRINT IT OFFA perfect gift to create for Daddy this Father’s Day. Super quick & easy!

(You will find the link to Download at the bottom of this page)


free fathers day handprint art craft


We usually keep things simple and try to find small, meaningful ways to show my husband how much we appreciate him. Especially lately with the cost of living rising everyday!

Handprint art is always fun for the kids, they make wonderful keepsakes, they’re easy to create and affordable.  Photo Credit Instagram @pia_arellano

free fathers day handprint art craft printable


I’m soooo excited to be able to share this FREE print with you all.
This print was actually one of my TOP SELLERS over at the PRINT IT OFF Etsy Shop when it was first added to my shop back in 2020. 

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handprint footprint art etsy

Yes I’m crazy, but I think it’s now time to share it with you all …. for FREE!!! 
I want you all to try it and give Daddy a wonderful gift this Father’s Day.  Photo Credit Instagram @pia_arellano

Photo Credit Instagram @pia_arellano


At PRINT IT OFF it’s our mission to design affordable DIY so anyone can create beautiful memories and heartfelt gifts, easily and quickly with their children from the comfort of their own home.

We also want to inspire everyone to give better for less & create more meaningful heartfelt gifts. Instead of just buying more socks, jocks and “stuff” we don’t actually need. A heartfelt gift will always be remembered more!

This FREE Father’s Day Handprint Printable is not only a fun way to honor Dad, but it’s also a way to create a keepsake, documenting the size of your child’s hand. Handprint crafts are always a win in our book here at PRINT IT OFF.


daddy handprint art


The poem reads:
I love you
More than the stars in the sky
More than the fish in the sea
More than the trees in the forest
You mean the world to me  Photo Credit Instagram @pia_arellanofree fathers day handprint art craft printable



  • Computer, laptop, ipad or phone
  • Printer (or you can always get it printed at your local print shop too).
  • Paper or card
  • Paint & paint brush or ink pad.
  • Frame or laminator (optional to create the perfect gift)

Like all our prints here at PRINT IT OFF the process is easy!


free fathers day handprint art craft


DOWNLOAD and SAVE the file to your phone or computer. Make sure you save the file first before printing & don’t try and print through the web browser. 


free fathers day handprint art craft


PRINT at home or your local print shop. This FREE Father’s Day printable is set to A4 size paper (standard print paper size). If printing at 100% scale the handprint area is 9cm wide x 11cm high - This print will suit approx a 4 year old or younger (this will depend on the size of your child’s hand of course). If you have an older child or are struggling to fit their handprint you can always enlarge and print this file. Eg. A4 to A3.
We highly recommend printing onto a medium/heavy card for this - not paper. Paper will wrinkle as soon as you add paint.


free fathers day handprint art craft


CREATE however you like - Use paint or ink to press a child's handprint. The best way to do this is using a paint brush - paint a coat of paint onto the child’s hand. Avoid dipping the whole hand into paint as this can cause too much paint and can turn into a mess pretty quick.
Another option (if you don’t like the thought of messy paint) is to trace your child’s hand onto card and then cut this handprint out and stick it on the print.

Struggling to get the perfect handprint from your baby?
Check out our 10 x top tips on how to get the perfect baby handprints here.  Photo Credit Instagram @pia_arellanofree fathers day handprint art craft


I hope you enjoy this FREE Father’s Day Printable from PRINT IT OFF!!
Have fun creating & making memories with your children.
We really hope Daddy LOVES his print!!

If you would like to see more great Handprint + Footprint Art for Father's Day please visit the PRINT IT OFF Father's Day / Dad collection here.


fathers day handprint craft


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Find your FREE Father's Day Printable below. Enjoy!!

fathers day handprint art



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